I’ve got Klout why aren’t I rich yet

June 28, 2012

Tweet A couple years ago it seemed like we were all becoming highly nuanced social media experts. Each of us with our own bag of tricks, though face it the usual trick was “You’re doing it wrong.”. All kidding aside, we had a reason and that reason was that we saw social media as a […]

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New Position, New Direction, New Opportunities

January 21, 2012

Tweet A few months ago, I accepted a position as Director of Infrastructure Technology at Lakeshore Bone and Joint Institute in Chesterton Indiana (LBJI). LBJI has been an established orthopedic practice in Northwest Indian for 50 years and is a leading provider of orthopedic services in the region. I was most excited about this position […]

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Dealing With Mistakes

April 8, 2011

Tweet It doesn’t matter if you are in an entry level position or a position of corporate leadership, sometime on the job you are going to make a mistake. Depending on the skill level and trust you have built up that mistake may well have enormous ramifications for your company. How you handle the mistake […]

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Make your offers interactive to populate your email list

March 7, 2011

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I began maintaining an internet directory (click here) for fun and profit, well the goal is profit but so far it has been mostly fun. I decided that once I got the thing running I would try to incorporate various social media community building tactics including those found in […]

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Using SNMP Traps To Provide Physical Visibility To Your User Base

February 23, 2011

Tweet Last week I wrote a post about building a data center that supports network security monitoring this week I am going to talk about using SNMP traps to leverage that design. SNMP traps are unsolicited messages from an SNMP (simple network management protocol) server to provide notification for an event. In last weeks post […]

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How to use Netflow for Increased Visibility Into Your Network Part 1

February 18, 2011

Tweet Today, I wanted to discuss how to use netflow for increased network visibility. We have already looked at how to design a network that allows increased visibility, now we need to leverage those design strengths. Netflow is a protocol designed by Cisco to collect and store IP traffic information. The information is used by […]

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Using Google Adwords to Refine Your Network Threat Model

February 16, 2011

Tweet Over the course of the past year, I have been working as an IT director for an internet marketing company. This has allowed me to continue working technology but to see my tools through a new set of eyes, but it has not precluded me from seeing other peoples tool sets with an old […]

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Building a Data Center to Accomodate Network Monitoring

February 15, 2011

Tweet Network security is an afterthought or an add on. How many times have you heard that? I’m going to frame this article (possibly series) for someone who is building a new data center. I won’t get into the physical security aspect of it, because that will differ from site to site but that doesn’t […]

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Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security and Corporate responsibility

February 11, 2011

Tweet When I think of counter terrorism or executive protection I think of “hard assets”, corporations spend money hand over foot to protect so called hard assets. They tend to place the utmost emphasis on protecting physical leadership, followed by a secondary emphasis on physical infrastructure (buildings and the like). While many people may read […]

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Using URL shorteners to strengthen brand recognition and gather deep analytics

January 8, 2011

Tweet URL shorteners are ubiquitous in social media circles, without them over half of a single tweet could just be a link with little room for commentary. When we use these services, we are inadvertently wasting precious branding space for another brand. Additionally, we are surrendering a lot of analytic data to their companies without […]

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