Porter County CEDIT Fund Dispute

by Karl Tatgenhorst on December 7, 2012

The counties leaders are currently disputing over who has control of certain income tax monies (County Economic Development Income Tax). See, taxes are addicting to politicians who want to do so much more than the job calls for and need funding to do so. So, as the fiscal body and the executive body duke it out for control over it, they are starting to seek help from the judicial body.
Since it is clear that the checks and balances are not being respected by all (in fairness, I think the commissioners interpretation of the law sounds right) why don’t they check the oft forgotten fourth body of county politics… the voters?
Tell us what it is that the council wants to do with the CEDIT fund. What bucket do the commissioners currently have it in? Do they have plans not yet on the table for these funds? Are they afraid of what the Council wants to do with the funds? Why doesn’t the council want to act on proposals from the commissioners as is the norm. Folks, there is a play going on right now for control of money that rightly belongs to us. There is a system in place to make sure that this money and any “power” it may represent is not monopolized. Now is the time to be looking at them and asking them questions.
Tax money does not belong to the government, it is not there to enhance there standing or any other weird idea. Tax money is money that we have worked hard to earn and our elected leaders have in the performance of their duties secured it to be used in our “best interest”. This story sounds a lot like the interests that are most being served are that of individual politicians. The newspaper seems to indicate that the Council is the one making a power grab, of course that is only one side. Please feel free to leave any insights in the comments below.

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  • Timcole1

    I see it differently.  One Commissioner has been steadfast in his insistence that he control the money from CEDIT.  This is only the latest fight in a lengthening series of fights to obtain complete autonomy in the distribution of money, with no arguments, no restraints, no accountability.  In this one instance it would appear the Council is overreaching its authority, but their province is the protection of our money; they are the check and the balance.  Taken together, several instances of tax distribution for arguable reasons by one Commissioner over the past few years uncomfortably reveal a plan of control, of absolute authority, of minimizing any effect — ANY effect — that the Council might have .  If the issue were so simply resolved as you imply, the State would have ruled easily.  Since they withheld any opinion, I would take that as a cautious move to side with the Council.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks, that’s an excellent comment. As I stated in my post “The newspaper seems to indicate that the Council is the one making a power grab, of course that is only one side.”. I was really interested in hearing opinions counter to that. I have also been following other stories of Porter County money and your point makes other things seem clearer.

    Thanks again,

  • Ken Davidson

    the favorite tool of the politician is to transfer tax money around so much that it seems like “free” money.  CEDIT is just one of many such slush funds.  Lets make clear, this is tax money.  It must be accounted for and it must be spend wisely.  Now if only we had a fiscally responsible candidate to choose for county council.  Hmmmm

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