Porter County Indiana Libertarian Party Reorganizes

by Karl Tatgenhorst on November 18, 2012

The election of 2012 was successful in the growth of the Libertarian Party nationally, but even more so in Indiana.

“This has been a time of explosive growth for the Libertarian Party,” said Chris Spangle, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. “Not only did we see our percentages double in the Presidential and Gubernatorial race, but we also have several new counties interested in affiliation.”

The Libertarian Party had a Presidential Candidate (Gary Johnson) who was on the ballot in 49 states and took over 1% of the vote nationwide. In Northwest Indiana we had a Gubernatorial Candidate (Rupert Boneham), and a Senate Candidate (Andrew Horning) to add to that. Porter County did remarkably well in terms of their turn out, especially considering the lack of an organized local party affiliate. Porter County had over 400 people vote straight Libertarian, an additional 1,300 votes for Gary Johnson, 2,500 votes for Andrew Horning and 2,200 for Rupert Boneham.

In response to this growth, Porter County residents decided to re-organize the county party.

“We are excited to begin organizing for America’s fastest growing political party,” said Perry Sheetz, Chairman of the LPPC. “Our first order of business is to begin recruiting local candidates for the 2014 election cycle.”

Media Contact: Libertarian Party of Porter County Secretary Karl Tatgenhorst, (219) 628-2106, karl.tatgenhorst@gmail.com

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