This Election is Too Important

by Karl Tatgenhorst on October 30, 2012

Give Gary Johnson Five Percent of the vote and America is forever changed.The other day, I was being told by “yet another helpful person” that “I also support the Libertarian agenda, but this election is too important to throw your’ vote away.”. This whole statement is incomprehensible to me. First, if you support the “libertarian agenda” that would mean that you believe that the current two party system is broken, tyrannical and fiscally not-viable. As a rational being how can you have that opinion and still vote R or D? The second part is where they are telling me not to “throw my vote away” stating my feelings on that would be an unnecessary redundancy as I have already stated them in regards to the other person.

Every election is vitally important and one election after another we have allowed our civil rights to be trampled on, our economy to be sold to the wealthiest contributors etc… This election is critically important, it is important for us to get out from under this. We are not bucking the system with our vote, we are supporting exactly what it was created to do. As a matter of a fact, the system has become dauntingly complex a twisted shadow of what it was. The powers that be tell us that this is necessary as the world is much more complex, but this is false. It is true that the world is more complex, but people are just a part of the world and they are still as they were then. The system was setup to guide the interactions of people, these are still the same.

The idea that a party whose core tenets are liberty and an adherence to the US Constitution should be thought of as rebellious or a bad idea is very sad. Folks, our party is offering to govern based on the same document which OUR soldiers swear their life to protect. This election is indeed to important to throw your vote away, don’t vote rebellious or progressive… they have had enough chances. Cast a truly conservative vote for the only part which is a true conservator of liberty, the Libertarian Party. The reason this election is so important is that in truth, our biggest weakness is that we have very little ability to generate “reach and frequency” these are the magic words of any campaign. Get your message heard/seen by as many people as possible as often as possible. Our opponents have it to spare. They can craft messages about their opponents “they mean well, but this is too important” and can make sure everyone gets that message. This year, we have the opportunity to change that if we receive 5% of the vote then we will start off the next election with the same public funding as the Republicans and Democrats. This will make America officially a tripartisan country, and will allow us to reach all the voters in the next election.

To those who have only recently heard of Libertarians, the Libertarian party is the fastest growing party in the United States and was formed in 1971. In the current election we have a number of Libertarian candidates including Gary Johnson for President, Rupert Boneham for IN Governor, Andrew Horning for US Senator (IN) and Joe Ruiz for US Congress.

Those of you who are struggling with the idea of casting a vote that will not determine the race between Romney and Obama, you must understand that this election is as important as it gets. Be Libertarian with us once, you won’t regret it.

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