Libertarian Options in NWI and Beyond

by Karl Tatgenhorst on October 28, 2012

First and foremost, we in Indiana (and all other states, except for Oklahoma) have an option to elect a Libertarian President. Governor Gary Johnson is on our ballot, and a vote for him is an investment in getting our party recognized as a major party as well as an attempt at leveraging our candidate into the White House. Gary Johnson advocates pulling the troops back home immediately and revamping our foreign policy to make us less interventionist and thus less likely to create new enemies. Also, he has a plan to submit a balanced budget by 2013 by cutting 43% of spending. Gary Johnson also advocates the adoption of the Fair Tax (HR 25) which is a consumption based tax and would aid in eliminating the bureaucracy which is the IRS. The final easy cut is the end of the expensive “war on drugs” the prohibition of many harmless drugs has created a criminal enterprise around them which costs billions to fight and makes billions for these “cartels”. We have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the prison population. This is purely wasted money.

Indiana also has a gubernatorial candidate in Rupert Boneham. Rupert seems an unlikely choice if you go by appearance alone, however a few moments speaking to him and you quickly realize that this is a passionate man with real outside the box ideas and a solid understanding of education and state finances. Rupert has run “Ruperts kids” since 1983 a charity which helps troubled kids learn vocational skills. After winning the viewers choice award on Survivor, Rupert took his million dollar prize and put it into his charity. Rupert is the real deal and wants to bring true educational reform to Indiana.

Andrew Horning, for US Senator. Andrew Horning is a Libertarian with decades of experience and knows the party line inside out, probably helped author it. Andrew faired pretty well in the debates on his own however his opponent famously helped him out with a memorable mis-quote about rape and abortion. I listened to Mr. Horning speak in Lake County last month and have to say that I was pretty impressed.

The Libertarian Party has existed since 1971 and is America’s fastest growing political party. It is truly my hope that we will achieve “major party status” after this election which will qualify the party for federal funding of the next national convention. One of the barriers to this is that many people fear “wasting their vote”. A vote for conscience is never wasted, our forefathers fought and gave up so much for our right of representative governance. Many of them strongly believed in our right… or obligation to control the destiny of this country. George Washington spoke out against political parties as they established a new aristocracy. Our “two party system” truly proves him correct. If you feel that a Libertarian would serve you better, than say so at the ballot.

If you are in Indiana please be sure to keep up with the Indiana Libertarian Party (LPIN) and if you in Porter County, drop us a line we will be meeting soon to reorganize locally. Finally, if you are aware of candidates I have missed or you want to add your own states candidates feel free to put them in the comments.

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