Rupert Boneham – A Different Kind of Candidate

by Karl Tatgenhorst on September 9, 2012

Over recent months I have Veteran Survivor star Rupert Boneham is bringing tripartisanship to Indiana State Governmentbegun to support the Libertarian Party Platform over others for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are important enough to me that I have begun actively seeking information as well as starting to look for opportunities to engage with other people in the party. One big engagement for me was an opportunity to go and meet Rupert Boneham, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Indiana. This opportunity illustrated (among other things) the fact that I do not watch a lot of TV. I thought, how can such an unknown guy in a third party feel that he can generate interest…. Apparently, the show Survivor is a really big thing, and he was on it three times and is a “favorite contestant”. Most of the crowd there was looking for an autograph or photo-opp. So much for being an unknown LOL.

Rupert is running a different kind of campaign, for a different type of party and they could not have designed a better candidate to illustrate that even with a committee of experts. As he walked up, his arms were outstretched and his affable smile visible even through the major amount of beard on his face. His hugs and handshakes were genuine and he made sure to get everyone’s name. He went into the restaurant (Aspen Cafe was a very gracious host) sat down and proceeded to sign photos, tell stories and ask questions to anyone who would talk to him. One young man is aspiring to get on Survivor and the celebrity offered him tips and posed for a couple photos with him. This established what type of person he was, he did not hold himself over others but communicated directly in a down to Earth fashion.
Finally, one person in line was interested in something political. She asked him, “if you become Governor are you going to do something about the situation in Indiana’s Public Schools?” Rupert replied by engaging her in a conversation asking what she found wrong, describing what he felt were the problems and outlining a number of his ideas. He feels that an excess of public money is felt on administrative staff and that often the budget of a school on the chopping block would sustain the school without the administration, while some administrations are larger than need be. He feels many schools could be saved by consolidating schools under another administration. He also feels many of the dollars spent outside of the classroom could be reined in and focused on the classroom. Unlike the Libertarian candidate for President (Gary Johnson) Rupert feels that vouchers are counter productive. I think after reading Johnson’s book that I disagree with that, but at least he doesn’t just disagree with an idea and oppose it he has his own ideas which are so far from the status-quo as to be at least a good effort.
On labor, Rupert is the only one of three Indiana Candidates who has vowed to repeal right to work. He feels that right to work does not protect freedoms and puts government too much in the business of businesses. I left feeling that I definitely needed to learn more about this candidate and that this was the most genuine politician I had witnessed. I hope that you will give Rupert Boneham’s platform a look and decide on your vote after considering all three (which ever way that you end up voting).

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