New Position, New Direction, New Opportunities

by Karl Tatgenhorst on January 21, 2012

A few months ago, I accepted a position as Director of Infrastructure Technology at Lakeshore Bone and Joint Institute in Chesterton Indiana (LBJI). LBJI has been an established orthopedic practice in Northwest Indian for 50 years and is a leading provider of orthopedic services in the region. I was most excited about this position because not only would I be doing the technology work associated with keeping a 7 site business in constant contact, but also I would be administering their PACs (picture archiving communications system). The idea of administering a system designed to share x-rays was fascinating, who knew what technologies I would get to work with?Caduceus

A few months have past and I’m getting settled in, it’s truly enjoyable work. The PACs system involves a lot of networking, some user interaction and then the new skills for a tech: Images are stored in a standard called DICOM (Digital imaging communications in medicine) and they communicate with the practice management software with a language called HL7 (health systems level 7). These combine to create a challenging environment for a tech and the position is relatively new in the medical industry, which means there are openings. Investigate PACs administration if you are a techie looking for open positions in this job market. There are also additional positions that open up to you once you look towards health care. So, if you are a techie looking for work, I hope that this helps you to consider a new potential of sources. If not, I hope that you will enjoy as I start to write about some of these challenges.

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