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by Karl Tatgenhorst on March 7, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I began maintaining an internet directory (click here) for fun and profit, well the goal is profit but so far it has been mostly fun. I decided that once I got the thing running I would try to incorporate various social media community building tactics including those found in the book Trust Agents by Chris Brogan. ¬†First however, I had to accomplish the technical hurdles of creating a web directory including those related to hosting, software installation etc… Once those were accomplished I needed to start some basic link building, which would have me doing link swaps with other directories. This I found to be the perfect opportunity to start looking for examples of what I like and what I don’t like.

Let me start by describing what I don’t like. I don’t like the tired old attitude of “I provide you a service so you need to give me money”. I dislike it even more when there are no options AND you have to give an e-mail address. “Pay me for having a system on auto-pilot AND give me your email address so that I can spam you”. There are so many of those, just search and it is likely the first directory you find will be like that. In addition to the small mindedness that this suggests in terms of customer relations it is also not optimal for maintaining a directory. Google uses links as votes and these no muss no fuss, just pay and go directories often look like abandoned towns on the internet, falling into horrible disrepair.

Now, I will tell you about a gem I found for link building (Active Search Results). Not that the links are that valuable or anything else, but in terms of how it is run. First, you have options on the plan to select. Additionally, you need to provide an e-mail address in case they need to tell you anything about your links… this is where it gets good. Active Search or ASR, has developed “an algorithm” for their search engine. Not the high tech PR algorithm used by Google, but definitely not the link and go of the shabby sites. They have a point system that assigns points to various activities (calculated weekly). They use their email list to keep you up to date on your performance (as well as any additional offers). The use of points brings out the competitiveness in people letting them see that they can get rewarded for activities that actually benefit the vendor. So that is the main point I wanted to illustrate, is just that you should think of novel ways to engage people in a continuos manner when you give them something so that you derive maximum benefit from your work and you do so by giving the customer maximum benefit.

That being said, my directory is not that complex yet at all so in recognition of that I have a coupon code (FLCOUD) that will allow you to get any level membership for free. This is good through March 22d (membership is only one time, so free memberships will not be billed later) after which the price applies for new memberships. So, head on over to Best of the Cloud Directory and get your free membership and leave some links for your sites.

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