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by Karl Tatgenhorst on November 20, 2010

Today was an awesome day. A client requested to have multiple images nicely displayed in a single post on a WordPress blog. I was a little taken aback by that request, there I was the tech guy an amateur photographer and I wasn’t sure how to get more than photo easily displayed on a blog post. I usually reference my flickr account or some other means, or I use a single photo in the post to draw attention to the post. So, I used that tool which oh so often makes us techies look good. Yes, I Googled it and I found this GEM of a plugin “Portfolio Slideshow” I have never been happier with a plugin.

To use Portfolio Slideshow (see photos for installation and usage instructions as well) install it in the usual way. Once installed, you call it using the add image icon in your post editor. Upload your images, as you would normally (including captioning, resizing etc…) then use the “gallery portion to define your gallery. Additionally, there are short codes you can use within a post to control the galleries display. There seems to be a lot of control you can have over this plugin, so dig in and explore!

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  • Anonymous

    The ability to control the order of displayed images seems buggy. I’ll update this post if I get that worked out.

  • Dalton

    Howdy – glad to hear that you like the plugin! You should be able to sort the images using the built-in WordPress gallery editor, it’s drag and drop. Are you still having problems with it?

  • admin

    Thanks Dalton,

    I’ll try to sort them later (and on upcoming posts). Way to listen for your plugin!


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dalton!!

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