SEO – New Takes on Topic Modeling

by Karl Tatgenhorst on September 7, 2010

As a nerd, I am attracted to science, science with lots of words and maybe some graphs. SEOMoz has delivered spectacularly this week with an article on LDA (latent dirichlet allocation). Apparently, this topic is somewhat controversial in SEO circles, but the evidence seems compelling. SEOMoz did a great job of demonstrating the strong corollary evidence of LDAs affecting Google’s rankings.

The evidence that was shown related to topic modeling using LDAs. Topic modeling helps a search engine determine “relevance” of a result. Some cases are very easy to understand, such as a query word being present in one result versus not in another. Other cases were more illuminating, like co-occurrence. The example for co-occurrence was a search for Superman, the engine knows that “Clark Kent”, “daily planet” often occur along with that term and thus ranks them higher. Several other cases are explained and I don’t want to rephrase the whole article, I just wanted to draw attention to it. Topic modeling isn’t actually new to SEO, so why would SEOMoz do this post now? Oh, they have a new LDALabs tool! Will you be trying it out?

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