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by Karl Tatgenhorst on June 12, 2010

My name is Karl Tatgenhorst and I am a resident of the area in Northwest Indiana which is known as “The Region“. I currently work as a technologist and a social media purveyor at an internet marketing company known as Livemercial, but that is not all that I am, indeed I am a crazy mix of mismatched traits, skills etc… that somehow have become who I am now.

I was proud to have served in the US Army 82d Airborne Division during (not combat deployed) the First Gulf War. I also went to school with the intention of becoming an Ethologist and studied under a student of Konrad Lorenz. I’ve worked as a zoo keeper specializing in carnivores and studied combatitive martial arts for several years. I consider myself a semi-professional photographer and I’ve worked as a welder on railroad cars. What do any of those things have in common? Me. They are all things that can be talked about in the story of me, I am the common thread in these stories.
This blog won’t be full of stories all about myself, well not in a blatantly egotistical way they won’t. They will have to be somewhat about me though, as I am not really suited for writing with someone else’s viewpoint. I will try to keep these articles clearly labelled by topic, as I suspect people may find one or two topics I write about interesting and maybe some less so. I hope to figure out a way to present it to people in a way that addresses this. I may try feeds based on categories etc… If you ever have an idea on how I could better present it to you, let me know.

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